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Ghomeshi, Jutra, believing allegations

All the trigger warnings for this one.

Allegations have recently been made about celebrated Quebec filmmaker Claude Jutra, that he had sex with boys, some of them prostitutes. He has been dead for 30 years, so there will be no arrests or trials. Right now his name is being scrubbed from everywhere it appears in Quebec.


There is a lot to say about this case but one thing that struck me right away was that many people believed these allegations immediately. There has been no question of the accusers’ credibility or the reliability of their memories, no call for some form of evidence. There are a few doubters around, but they are not getting much air time.


Contrast that with the Ghomeshi trial, where the abuse was more recent, the victims adults when it happened, and no dispute that Ghomeshi dated these women. Yet many people believe they are lying about the abuse. “But they had contact with him afterwards!” So did some of Jutra’s victims. “But they didn’t report to police right away!” Neither did Jutra’s victims. And so on.

I can’t help but feel the key difference is that Jutra’s accusers are male. And it pisses me off.

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